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Are you struggling with decking problems? Is your deck old and worn out? Deck damage can be caused by wear and tear as a result of old age. Or perhaps extreme weather conditions or poor construction. A deck is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. However, a damaged deck can be a cause of anxiety since it is a potential safety hazard. Plus, it may not offer the level of comfort you would want because you have to look out for any potential tripping hazards such as loose boards. And let’s not forget that often old decks look ugly and bring down the overall appearance of your home.

Deck damage can be mild or dangerous. But whatever the case, it is always best to get your deck fixed as soon as you notice any damage. Well constructed decks can last for decades if properly maintained. However, damaged decks are known to cause injuries to the people who use them. To avoid falling victim to a damaged deck, you must get it repaired.

How can you tell if your deck is damaged?

When your deck is damaged and needs repair, it will exhibit telling signs that show the extent of the damage. Some of these warning signs are listed below.

  • A rotting deck.
  • A deck which is missing fasteners.
  • A deck which moves with your weight.
  • Presence of loose boards.
  • Cracks or holes in the deck.
  • Excessive staining.
  • Loose railings.

Missing nails, loose nails, and popped nails.

What you should do when you notice the damage!

As soon as you notice damage on your deck. It is essential that you contact a professional deck builder to have it repaired. NJ & PA Decking is here for all your decking needs. Most deck damages are inexpensive, easy fixes and do not take long to be completed. To ensure that your deck is safe and appealing, take some time to inspect it and address any warning signs.

Some people may want to resort to DIY deck repair. The major downside to this is that so many things can go wrong easily because you are not an expert. For example;

The whole repair could pan out more expensive since you may have to purchase specific deck building tools that may not be readily available in your toolbox.

If your deck has a unique custom design, you may not necessarily have the expertise to correctly repair or build it.

The chances of injury are quite high if you are not handy with your tools.

It may take you longer to get the job done. If you are an amateur, it is very easy to make unnecessary mistakes that a professional can easily avoid.

Plus, you are more prone to under budgeting or over budgeting the project. While a professional would have the experience to provide an accurate estimate.

Another service we excel at: Deck installation

It could be that you want to build a deck on your new property or remodeled home, we are the ultimate decking contractor you could possibly hire in NJ & PA’. Over the years, we have built many decks for businesses and homes in NJ & PA. Whatever shape or size you have in mind, we can bring it to life. We have worked with a range of decking materials so we can build any type of deck.

What’s more, we do not build stock designs. All our decks have custom designs that are unique to the customer’s needs and vision.

What we offer?

We are a locally owned and operated business and we are the leading deck contractor in NJ & PA. We offer a wide range of NJ & PA decking services including commercial decking installation and repair and residential decking installation and repair.

Decking in NJ & PA does not always go well for property owners. In such cases, it is usually because the property owner contracted the wrong company for the job. Not every decking contractor is an expert. And that is what sets us apart from other NJ & PA decking contractors. We are a professional company whose services are rooted in masterful craftsmanship, superior customer service, and modern technology. Our technicians are among the most skilled professionals in this industry. Additionally, we employ first-class equipment, materials and techniques in all our commercial and residential decking projects in NJ & PA.

What’s more, our customer service is unmatched. From the moment we take your call until the climax of the project, we take care of everything and you do not have to worry about a single thing. We always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations, and often we succeed at it. When you choose us, we promise you a high-quality, quick service at a reasonable price, and we always deliver on our promises. Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And because we greatly value our reputation, we work tirelessly to maintain our high standards in every project we take on – we can handle both big and small projects. For all your NJ & PA commercial and residential decking needs, contact us now for a free quote.

At NJ & PA Decking, our technicians are very friendly and helpful individuals. They care and it shows. In case you are curious about any aspect of your commercial decking project, feel free to ask our technicians. They are always ready to dish out advice and tips about all things decking. We also understand that your commercial or residential property is going to be in constant use and the presence of workmen could slow down operations. So we work fast but without taking away from the quality of the end product. Our turn around time is the best in the whole of NJ & PA.

Furthermore, we understand that hiring a decking company is an investment and you expect a satisfactory return on your investment, hence our promise of excellent results. Our customers know us for being helpful, reliable, effective, honest, and trustworthy. Contact us today for free quotes on all your decking installation and repair services. Our decking installation and repair services are durable, high quality, and affordable

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Why Choose Heritage Builders?


Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Read our endless 5-star reviews!


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Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Read our endless 5-star reviews!


We have been proudly serving our customers for over 30 years now.


Avoid high pressure sales of our loudest competitors. We offer hassle free, no-obligation estimates.


We are licensed & insured for your protection


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Go local and save big while receiving the same products and guarantees promised by our loudest competitors, free of pushy sales reps.

Our Customer Reviews

  • Heritage Builders came out to my rental house I have in Middletown and repaired a leak that other roofing companies said couldn’t be fixed. They were able to save me thousands and I have saved their number in my phone.

    Gatti Manuel Avatar
    Gatti Manuel
  • Excellent workmanship! They put new shingles on our roof, new gutters and new soffit & facia. It came out great! They pay attention to the details. We recommend them.

    Albert Baginsky Avatar
    Albert Baginsky
  • We just used them to put a new roof on our house, and couldn’t be happier!

    Cormier Joshua Avatar
    Cormier Joshua
  • Amazing floors! Their work is truly the best. We will never use another flooring contractor!

    Cruz Angela Avatar
    Cruz Angela
  • These roofers rock! Integrity and loyalty is the best way to describe them. Not only do they do amazing work, they do it with honesty and fair prices!

    Lily Lyons Avatar
    Lily Lyons
  • Shawn has been 5 stars since the moment I called him to come look at our roof. He has helped us so much and gone out of his way to get the job done. I will highly recommend him to anyone looking for work done on the roof and home. Reliable, professional, friendly, honest and does a great quality job. You can tell he cares about doing his job well and making his customers happy. He is also really good at explaining what and why. Well done!!! Great company. Thank You.

    Taylor Nicholas Avatar
    Taylor Nicholas

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Replacing a residential roof is a labor-intensive project and, depending on the type of roof, could take anywhere from a one day to a few days or more depending on the size and complexity. The time involved is substantially affected by the weather, as well.

Asphalt shingles can be installed properly during cold weather (late fall and winter) only if additional, costly measures are taken. Most asphalt shingle manufactures require that a specialized adhesive is manually applied the each shingle if temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manufacturers of asphalt shingles recommend a pitch of 4/12 or more, but the absolute minimum pitch is 2/12. Pitch is measured in inches of vertical rise of the roof over one foot (12 inches) of horizontal run. So a 4/12 pitch roof rises 4 inchesfor every 12 inches of horizontal run.

Architectural asphalt — These products last about 30 years on average. Wood shingles and shakes — Wood roofing has a target lifetime of 30 years, but it can last much longer under moderate weather conditions.

Material lifespan:

Wood Shake14-20 years
Asphalt Shingle10-30 years (20 is the norm)
Metal/Steel50+ years
Slate50+ years
Tile/Concrete50+ years
Foam25+ years
Built-Up (BUR)25-30 years
Single-Ply30+ years

This may surprise you — metal roofing is often quieter than an asphalt shingle roof. When installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather better than other roofing materials.

The concern about metal roofs attracting lightning strikes is most likely associated with the fact that metal can be an electrical conductor. Even so, metal roofs do not attract lightning and are not struck any more frequently than other roofing materials.

If you have insurance and insurance is paying it is always your deductible, plus upgrades if any.

While a lot of people think that a leaking roof needs to be replaced, this may not be the case unless the roof is old. Missing, cracked, broken, and curling shingles can be repaired and replaced to stop a leak, while older roofs or roofs with multiple leaks or widespread issues should be replaced.

Costs vary greatly depending on the pitch of your roof, the type of shingles you have, what condition the roof is in, and how many layers of shingles you have. The best way to find out the cost is to have a free quote done.

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